Paramedic Advanced Care Team Mobile Integrated Healthcare

Empowering our clients to find their path to wellness.

In 2014 the Paramedic Advanced Care Team (PACT) was created to meet the needs the expanding needs in the community. In 2022, the team started transition to the term Mobile Integrated Healthcare to better describe the services provided.


Work with our Community of Partners, anticipate, and adapt to the changes in healthcare, and be a shining example of cooperative resolve to better serve our community.

The PACT works with local Physicians, providing Acute and Sub-Acute “Point of Care” services to patients where and when they need them. The team collaborates with community partners to develop alternative care strategies and address the gaps in healthcare and improve patient outcomes. 

What PACT does:

  • A team-based approach to rapid changes in healthcare.
  • Bring all the critical players together to improved patient outcomes.
  • Connect underutilized resources with underserved populations.

What PACT does not:

  • Duplicate services that are already offered in the area.
  • Replace patient/doctor relationships.
  • Decrease the need for home healthcare programs already in place.

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