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Supporting regional agencies through EMS growth, development, and education in order to provide progressive and high quality emergency care to our citizens and visitors. Please visit




EMS provider education, training and certification, medical direction, ambulance licensing, CPR directives. Please visit


The goal of EMS Compass is to help EMS systems measure and improve the quality of care at the local, regional, state and national levels. Please visit


The Emergency Medical Services Association of Colorado is dedicated to furthering the highest quality of Emergency Medical Services in the State of Colorado by assisting EMS providers to realize their potential through innovative life-long learning, goal driven advocacy, and promotion of EMS professionalism. Please visit


It is the continuing role of the NAEMSP® to coordinate and focus advances in medical care, research and training in each of these fields as they relate to EMS. Please visit


The mission of the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) is to represent and serve emergency and mobile healthcare practitioners including emergency medical technicians, advanced emergency medical technicians, emergency medical responders, paramedics, advanced practice paramedics, critical care paramedics, flight paramedics, community paramedics, and mobile integrated healthcare practitioners. Please visit


The National Association of State EMS Officials is the lead national organization for EMS, a respected voice for national EMS policy with comprehensive concern and commitment for the development of effective, integrated, community-based, universal and consistent EMS systems. Please visit


Consistent competency standards set by the EMS community mean patients can expect the same quality of care from competent EMS providers. Regardless of whether EMS providers are volunteers or career-based, or located in urban or rural settings, NREMT certification provides a national definition of the level of EMT competency—a standard for comparison. Please visit


The Plains to Peaks RETAC (Regional EMS and Trauma Advisory Council) is a five County region including Cheyenne, El Paso, Kit Carson, Lincoln, and Teller.  Our mission is to provide support and services to the EMS and Trauma agencies in the five Counties.  These services include:  education, training, grant funding services, equipment procurement and a variety of other services.  In addition, the RETAC strives to be a voice for all stakeholders at the state office and through the legislature.  We work closely with all stakeholders to keep them informed about issues at the state level and to provide input about how rules and regulations affect the provision of emergency services at the local level. Please visit