UPRHSD 911 Response

The Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians of Ute Pass Regional Health Service District cover 539 square miles that includes parts of Douglas, Teller, El Paso, and Park counties. The district consists of both semi-Urban and rural areas and serves well over 19,000 residents. Our providers deliver advanced life support (ALS) services to the residents in 6 different fire districts, to include:

  • Northeast Teller County Fire Protection District
  • Divide Fire Protection District
  • Mountain Communities Fire Protection District
  • Florissant Fire Protection District
  • Lake George Fire Protection District
  • Green Mountain Falls Fire Protection District

The District is currently covered 24 hours a day by 2 fully staffed Advanced Life Support Ambulances. One ambulance is located in Woodland Park and the other ambulance is located in Florissant. A Shift Captain is also on 24 hours a day and staffs our third Advanced Life Support Ambulance as a crew of one during non-peak hours. During peak call volume times a part time provider is scheduled to allow for a third fully staffed ALS ambulance. Due to the size of our district and topography covered the average transport times can exceed 50 minutes. This coupled with an average call volume of about 2300 total calls a year means a slightly strained 911 system at all times.

Ute Pass Regional Health Service District is constantly discovering new and innovative ways to keep the residents of our district safe. Many experts in the emergency medical field have acknowledged Teller County Emergency Medical Service and Ute Pass Regional Health Service District as one of the finest emergency pre-hospital medical systems in the nation. Ensuring that an ambulance with highly qualified providers is available to respond in a timely manner to every 911 call for emergency medical care is our employees’ number one mission. Providing emergent healthcare when and where it’s needed is the number one priority and the focus of all programs within the organization. In recent years new programs like PACT and MHAP have been enacted by the district in order to keep a fully staffed ALS (Advanced Life Support) ambulance in district and ready to take a 911 call at all times. This task is becoming increasingly more difficult in the face of growing call volume and an ever-changing healthcare system.

Ute Pass Regional Health Service District has long standing mutual aid agreements with South West Teller Health Service District (SWT-EMS) and the El Paso County Emergency Medical Service Authority (ESA). These agreements afford additional ambulance responses to our district when it is needed for situations such as mass casualty incidents (MCI) or extremely high call volumes. In return they may request an ambulance from our district for similar circumstances. The district also has an automatic aid agreement with the ESA for the communities of Green Mountain Falls and Chipita Park.