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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

In times of need we will answer the call expediently, compassionately and professionally by treating all life and all property with unprejudiced dignity and respect and by persistently striving to meet and exceed the public's expectations - as well as our own.


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This morning at 3 AM, my husband started having chest pains and I called 911. I've never done this before; we've had emergency trips to the ...
Lisa in Woodland Park
Chris’s truck became hopelessly trapped in a desolate wilderness area. Dependent on supplemental oxygen Chris’s condition became desperate a...
Christopher from Florissant
While visiting Colorado Lisa had a long fall from a rock face, causing injuries so severe that she could not walk or be carried out. Stuck s...
Lisa from Texas
While his wife was visiting her sister in rural Teller County, Sue began to show signs of a stroke. The family called 911 right away and an ...
William from Colorado Springs
Kim began to have chest pain at work. Knowing it could be a heart attack, she quickly called 911. The ambulance paramedic quickly arrived, g...
Kimberly from Florissant
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