Employee Bio

Teresa W

Teresa has been with our service since 1994. She first began her career here at Woodland Park Ambulance Service as a part time A/R clerk and a part time driver. She has witnessed an abundance of changes over the past 22 years. Through the years, Teresa’s job description has grown to cover a multitude of duties. She handles all the general full charge bookkeeping duties, as well as HR, as the Office Manager for the District. Her other “hats” consist of Certified Compliancy Officer, HIPAA Officer, Designated Election Official along with a myriad of other roles. Among some of the outdoor activities Teresa enjoys are; rafting, single track mountain biking, and climbing rock and 14er’s, throughout breathtaking Colorado. Though her most fulfilling pastime is traveling and exploring the cultures of the world with her husband…”travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer”