Employee Bio

Mark K

Mark started in EMS in 1981 @ Falcon Volunteer Fire Department where he became an EMT in 1983. In 1987, he was hired by A- 1 Paramedics in Colorado Springs as an EMT on a 911 ambulance. In 1991, A-1 sent Mark to Park View Hospital in Pueblo to attend Paramedic School. In 1995 he became a Field Training Officer for AMR and in 1998, he became a Supervisor. In 2005 Mark stepped down from the Supervisory role and returned to the streets as a Paramedic. In 2018 Mark was hired by UPRAD as a Paramedic and am currently employed. Currently Mark’s duties include: Vehicle Maintenance, Radios, Assist with cot repair and maintenance, QA/QI, and back up FTO.