This morning at 3 AM, my husband started having chest pains and I called 911. I’ve never done this before; we’ve had emergency trips to the ER before (he’s had several bad bouts with kidney stones), but I’ve always been able to drive him there myself. The girl at WP Police Dept who got my call was an angel, the first of many I’d meet through all this. Her calm voice kept ME calm as she walked me through things to check for in my husband’s condition. She stayed on the line with me until two PD officers arrived; they stayed with us until the EMT’s arrived and we had a mini-ER going on right here in the living room! I really regret not getting any of their names. The EMT’s prepped my husband and took him to Penrose, and I followed them in our car. Praise God it turned out to NOT be a heart attack, but I believe in being more safe than sorry. Everyone we encountered from that first scary phone call to the last person we spoke to at Penrose couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful; I consider each one of them to be angels! It’s sad, though, that it sometimes takes a frightening occurrence like this to realize how hard these people work for us, coming out at 3 AM, driving in hazardous conditions, and keeping a calm demeanor (which kept us both much calmer). God bless all our emergency and medical workers!

Lisa in Woodland Park