Our Mission – The Paramedic Advanced Care Team


To work aggressively with our community partners in healthcare to meet and exceed the customers expectations with courage, critical thinking and passion.

This will be accomplished responsibly, with respect, and tempered with adherence to guiding principles.

Every Patient joining the PACT Program will receive a one on one medication evaluation. This is an opportunity for our community paramedic to go over each and every one of the patients medications with them. Together the patient and Community Paramedic will insure the patient knows why they are taking each medication, what it does, what the side effects are, and when to take that medication.

Public education will serve as an iatrical part of the PACT Program. We will be looking to provide education to our providers and the community. Classes such as CPR, Cardiac awareness, and others.


DSC_1192Work with our Community of Partners, anticipate, and adapt to the changes in healthcare, and be a shining example of cooperative resolve to better serve our community.

The PACT Program hopes to work with local Physicians, thus providing Acute and Sub-Acute “Point of Care” services to patients where and when they need it. Like on-site lab draws, 12-lead EKGs, and detailed exams.

The PACT program is working with local doctors and physicians groups to develop alternative care strategies and to address the gaps in healthcare and improve patient outcomes. This includes meeting with patients before and after doctor visits, providing assessment and care to patients just released from the hospital, and in home assessments for case managers.

What is PACT?


  • A team-based approach to rapid changes in healthcare.
  • It brings all the critical players together for the collective purpose of improved patient outcomes.
  • A way of connecting underutilized resources with under served populations.
  • It’s all about relationships and trust.

The PACT program seeks opportunities to work with law enforcement agencies, Pikes Peak Regional Hospital, and our other local health care providers to develop definitive care options for patients with mental illness.

What the PACT Program is Not

  • Will not duplicate services already offered in the area.
  • Will not replace patient/doctor relationships.
  • Will not decrease the need for home healthcare programs already in place.

If you are a physician interested in working with the PACT team or someone looking for additional information about the PACT team please contact the program facilitator James E McLaughlin at 719-687-2291 or email email hidden; JavaScript is required.