Our Staff


Tim D. is the Chief Executive Officer of Ute Pass Regional Health Service District. Tim has been ‘chasing’ ambulance and fire trucks for 40+ years beginning when he first joined the Cripple Creek Volunteer Fire Department as a junior firefighter in 1976. Since then he has worked for many private and public EMS agencies serving in capacities as an EMT, paramedic, field training instructor, supervisor, operations manager; and now, as the Chief Executive Officer for the Ute Pass Regional Health Service District. He attended the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs earning both of his Bachelors of Arts in geology, geography and energy science (1982) and his Masters of Public Administration (2014).

As an EMS advocate, Tim is very active in promoting EMS issues in many local, state and national forums to enhance EMS operations and improve financial sustainability. Locally he serves as Treasurer for the Teller County Emergency Services Council, Chair of the sub-committee for Long-term Strategic Planning for the El Paso County Emergency Services Authority and is Vice Chair of the Plains to Peaks RETAC. He is an active participant in state EMS activities were he serves alongside many other EMS leaders as the President of the Colorado EMS Chiefs, Managers and Directors group – a subsidiary of the Emergency Medical Services Association of Colorado. Nationally, he has traveled several times to Washington D.C. to be a strong advocate for the Field EMS Modernization and Innovation Act (EMS Field Bill) which is envisioned to transform EMS into a quality based innovative and patient-centered system that will increase quality, enhance patient outcomes, improve coordination, and reduce costs. Most recently, Tim was appointed by the President of the Colorado State Senate to serve as the EMS representative on the Medicaid Rate Review Advisory Committee.

Teresa W. (“T”) is the District Office Manager. Teresa has been with our service since 1994. She first began her career here at Woodland Park Ambulance Service as a part time A/R clerk and a part time driver. She has witnessed an abundance of changes over the past 22 years. Through the years, Teresa’s job description has grown to cover a multitude of duties. She handles all the general full charge bookkeeping duties, as well as HR, as the Office Manager for the District. Her other “hats” consist of Certified Compliancy Officer, HIPAA Officer, Designated Election Official along with a myriad of other roles. Among some of the outdoor activities Teresa enjoys are; rafting, single track mountain biking, and climbing rock and 14er’s, throughout breathtaking Colorado. Though her most fulfilling pastime is traveling and exploring the cultures of the world with her husband…”travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer”

Arren Q is the District Administrative Assistant. Arren started at UPRAD in 2017 as an EMT. She currently works as the Office Administrative Assistant, assisting the Office Manager, Chief, Deputy Chief, and Community Paramedic Director. She also handles a myriad of responsibilities, including clerical work, in-house Information Technology, phone system management, month-end report management/submission, ad hoc report creation, serving in the Quality Management Committee, and some grant writing and grant management. Arren enjoys painting, cooking, hiking, reading, being outdoors, and family time.  

Deputy Chief

Dave H. is a paramedic and the Deputy Chief of UPRHSD. Dave has been with the District since 2000. He has been in EMS for 34 years and has been a paramedic for 22. He is certified as a Paramedic as well as endorsed as a Community Paramedic and is heavily involved in EMS education and leadership. Dave has been married for 20 years and has 3 children. He is active as a Boy Scout Leader and enjoys canoeing and woodworking.

Community Paramedicine Director

James M. is the Director of the Community Paramedicine program of Ute Pass Regional Health Service district and is affectionately known by most within the community as “Tiny”. James has been involved with emergency medicine since 1991 and has been honored to serve the citizens of Ute Pass Regional Health Service District since 2008. James is the Paramedic Advanced Care Team (PACT) program facilitator. In this role James insures maximum community value by leveraging underutilized resources to meet the needs of underserved populations. As American Heart Association (AHA) Training Center Faculty, James is responsible for training AHA instructors for many life support disciplines. Aside from his responsibilities to the district, James is serving his third term as President of the Teller County Emergency Medical Service Council. James currently serves as chairman of the Pikes Peak Community College Emergency Medical Service Advisory Committee. He is also a member of the professional Practices Committee for Prospect Home Healthcare. James is adjunct teaching faculty for Pikes Peak Community College, Colorado University of Colorado Springs Hospital System, and The prestigious Penrose St. Frances Institute. Before moving to Colorado James served four years with the Office of Homeland Security, Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT) out of Mather Air Force Base in Sacramento California and is a former Boy Scout and Explorer Scout. James is currently working on his BSBA with a focus on international finance through Colorado Technical University. James is the father of four amazing children and two precious grandchildren. In his spare time James likes to travel the world on a shoestring budget often staying in hostels, vans, and on one occasion a train station. James has been to 16 countries on 6 continents. James’s favorite saying is “Do not waste your time learning the tricks of your trade, instead master your profession”.


Dan C. is the A-Shift Captain and been in the EMS field since 2004. Dan worked as an EMT/ Firefighter for Wescott fire Department from 2004-2006. From 2006 to 2017 Dan worked at American Medical Response of El Paso County as an EMT and then as a Paramedic. Dan began working as a Paramedic full-time at Ute Pass Regional Health Services District in 2013. Dan also has specialty state endorsements as a Critical Care Paramedic and a Community Paramedic. Dan has a Bachelor’s degree in Emergency Services Administration. Dan is the Lieutenant in charge of education and training at Ute Pass Regional Health Services District. During his down time, Dan enjoys running, mountaineering, fishing and spending time with his wife while relaxing at home.

Chad B. is the B-Shift Captain and has been a paramedic with UPRHSD since 2002. Chad started his EMS career in Missouri in 1996 with Pulaski County Ambulance District as an EMT and moved to Colorado in 2000. Chad has worked for AMR Colorado Springs as a Paramedic, Field Training Officer and Paramedic Preceptor. Chad joined UPRHSD as a full time Paramedic in 2007 and currently serves as the vehicle maintenance coordinator and disaster preparedness coordinator. Chad has most recently been awarded the Plains to Peaks RETAC Career ALS Provider of the Year as well as the 2015 Colorado State Paramedic of the Year.

Janee K. is the C Shift Captain. Janee has been in EMS since 2005. She has been full time with UPRHSD since 2017. She is a transplant from the bayous of Louisiana and enjoys the mountain life with her family.

Katie M. is the Education Captain. She has been in EMS since 2009 and she has been at UPRHSD since 2015.  She is the point of contact and coordinator for Special Events and Public Relations. Katie, as part of the Quality Assurance Quality Improvement team, sits on the UPRHSD Quality Management Committee, and represents UPRHSD at the Regional Quality Management Committee. She is a Field Training Officer and helps train new hires at UPRHSD.  Katie and her family are Colorado Springs, CO natives.  


Molly H. is the A-Shift Lieutenant. She has been in EMS since 2000 and has been with UPRHSD since 2019. She is the point of contact for American Heart Association classes. She has a B.A.A.S. in Emergency Management from West Texas A&M. When not at work, Molly enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, traveling, cooking, and working in the garden.

Kara F. is the B-Shift Lieutenant. She has been in EMS since 2012 and an employee at UPRHSD since 2014. In addition to being a paramedic at UPRHSD, she manages all of the company’s durable medical equipment, the Mental Health Assessment Program’s Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement, and is a representing Peer Supporter.

Kaylinn H. is the C-Shift Lieutenant. She became a paramedic in 2017 through Pikes Peak Community College and was an EMT for 3 years prior that. I am a Colorado native and love living and working here. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve this community.

Ryan B. is the PACT Lieutenant. He has worked in EMS in various rolls in El Paso County and Teller County for the past 13 years. I really enjoy the people in this area. I grew up in southern California where the way of life is very different from here. I enjoy the outdoors and working in the mountains. I have two beautiful children and an amazing wife. I love hanging out with them going to museums, the zoo, going to tropical places, and just playing at the park. I also have a passion for building construction. As my friends would say I am always doing home renovation projects.

Full Time Field Crew and Community Paramedics


Illa B. began her EMS career as an EMT in 2003 at American Medical Response (AMR) in El Paso County, CO.  She completed her BS and paramedic education program from the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs in 2006.  Illa has been a paramedic with Ute Pass Regional Health Services District (UPRHSD) since 2006 and is currently working in the Community Paramedic division.  She received both the Plains to Peaks RETAC and State of Colorado Paramedic of the year award in 2014 as well as the Plains to Peaks RETAC and the Dr. Gerald Gordon EMS Instructor of the Year award in 2020. Illa obtained her Adjunct Instructor course certification in 2007 and began instructing part-time at Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC).  She continues to fill in as adjunct faculty at PPCC and currently co-teaches the Community Paramedic classes and the Accelerated Paramedic classes there.  In addition, in 2016 she began teaching part-time for UCHealth and has been an AHA instructor for many years. A longtime Colorado resident, Illa enjoys hiking, biking, traveling and playing in the rivers and lakes with her husband and two children.  


Lindsey D. I am married to my husband whom works as a Surveyor for Newmont Gold Corp. We have one German Shepard named Krieger, and we are expecting our first baby in 2021. We moved to Colorado from a small town in Nevada in 2016. During free time we enjoy all that Colorado has to offer with hiking and camping. I have been a Paramedic since 2017, after graduating from the first paramedic program offered at Great Basin College, Elko, Nevada. I started my first EMS job in Colorado Springs at AMR (yes, I am a “zero-to-hero”). I was excited to start part time for UPHSD, in the fall of 2018 and even more excited to except a full time position in 2019 as not only a Paramedic for them, but also their Health and Safety Coordinator.


Mark K. started in EMS in 1981 @ Falcon Volunteer Fire Department where he became an EMT in 1983. In 1987, he was hired by A- 1 Paramedics in Colorado Springs as an EMT on a 911 ambulance.  In 1991, A-1 sent Mark to Park View Hospital in Pueblo to attend Paramedic School. In 1995 he became a Field Training Officer for AMR and in 1998, he became a Supervisor. In 2005 Mark stepped down from the Supervisory role and returned to the streets as a Paramedic. In 2018 Mark was hired by UPRAD as a Paramedic and am currently employed. Currently Mark’s duties include: Vehicle Maintenance, Radios,  Assist with cot repair and maintenance, QA/QI, and back up FTO.


Mark R. started out his professional life as a high school English teacher but after three years of teaching, changed his profession to EMS.  Mark started as an EMT-Basic with American Medical Response in Colorado Springs and worked there for several years before earning his Paramedic certification in 2011. After working as a 911 paramedic at AMR, Mark was hired at Pikes Peak Community College, the same institution where he earned his EMT and Paramedic certs, as an emergency medical technician and wilderness first responder instructor.  After 3 years as an instructor, Mark was hired as a contract paramedic by Remote Medical International where he worked on industrial projects here in the US as well as military contracts overseas.  He has been with UPRHSD for 1.5 years and works as both a 911 and community paramedic.  Mark has two beautiful children and one very tolerant wife of 12 years and enjoys spending as much time outside as possible.   

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