Fleet Vehicles

Here you will find information and photo galleries of our entire current vehicle fleet. The ambulances that have been re-powered have had rebuilt or refurbished engines installed, transmissions rebuilt, and major suspension components replaced. Two of the older ambulances have also has cosmetic repairs and new paint and graphics on the exterior and new upholstery on the interior. We have grouped the information by our two stations that the vehicles operate out of.

Woodland Park Station


Medic 10

SAM_0211 2002 F-350 Type I 4×4
Wheeled Coach Box 7.3L Powerstroke
(Repowered 2013)
Current mileage 255000.
Second oldest truck in the fleet. Currently first out for inclement weather in Woodland Park.

Medic 15

2002 F-350 Type I 4×4
Wheeled Coach Box 7.3L Powerstroke
(Repowered 2012)
Repowered mileage 175000, current mileage 235000.
First out rig in Woodland Park.

Medic 16

med162016 E-450 Type III 4×2
Lifeline Box Triton V10 Gas (Safety Interior)
Current mileage 30000.
2 wheel drive, new concept custom interior. Dual onboard oxygen tanks. First out in summer and for interfacility transports in good weather.

Medic 17

Coming Soon!



Florissant Station


Medic 11

SAM_02442003 F-350 Type I 4×4
Wheeled Coach Box 6.0L Powerstroke
Current mileage 180000.
Backup rig and second out in Florissant. All original, has not been repowered or had major mechanical upgrades done.

Medic 12

Use Med 12 2009 F-450 Type I 4×4
Lifeline Box 6.4L Powerstroke
Current mileage 180000, new engine at 176000.
First out rig for Florissant. Has an onboard refrigerator for medications and dual onboard oxygen tanks. Also has air ride rear suspension for easier pt loading and unloading.